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A sofa with an elegant and sophisticated design, with its modular seating system it adapts to any living area or space.

A configurable sofa

With its sophisticated design, Meriem embodies a timeless elegance capable of adapting perfectly to any living area and satisfying any furnishing or space requirement thanks to the modular seating system, with which to create ever new configurations.

The armrest and backrest structures are available in suede or natural wood. The seats are covered on all sides, so that they can be positioned separately in the different spaces of the house. The non-slip coating under the seat elements prevents them from sliding out of position.

The upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather varieties.


Visit the DOMODO virtual showroom and discover Meriem.


Strada provinciale 237 per Noci ZI
70017 Putignano BA
+39 391 18 18 695

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